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Fix PDF Previews the Easy Way. Just download the Adobe Reader preview handler x64 fixer by Leo Davidson, click the Apply Fix button… And you can immediately begin previewing PDF files again. Yay! Download the Adobe PDF Preview Fixer from pretentiousname.com. Fixing the Problem the Manual. Nicholas Rogoff. Solution Architect and Developer specialising in Microsoft Azure, Web, Mobile, Windows and Office 365 stuff. Preview an attachment. File attachments can be viewed in the Reading Pane or in the body of an email message without opening another program. The attachment previewer feature in Outlook only works if you have the same version of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint installed as the version of Outlook being used to preview the attachment. Preview PDF-files. To preview PDF-files in Outlook you can install the latest version of Adobe Reader. This includes a preview handler that is compatible with Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook. Can't open or preview .PDF attachment in Outlook. . I'm perplexed. I can't pinpoint when it started but the Outlook 2010 pdf preview handler is not working. I found this which lets me remove the default previewer but I'm having issues getting one put back in. Might assist you; To manually enable or disable the PDF File Preview integration within Microsoft Outlook, please follow the instructions below: Within Microsoft Outlook 2010, go to "File" menu and click "Options". Select the "Trust Center". So this isn't a problem with the Adobe program, but probably with Window's service of PDF Preview Handler. Also I found that pdf files cannot be previewed in Windows Explorer in the preview plane, instead I get the following message: "This file can't be previewed". This freeware plug-in gives you PDF preview capabilities on the fly. Simply browse and click on any PDF document, and its content is shown in the Preview pane of Windows Explorer or in the Reading. How to enable or disable the PDF File Preview option in Microsoft Outlook 2010. Information: PDF Converter Professional 8 provides direct integration within Microsoft Outlook 2010 to preview PDF file attachments in the Outlook Preview Pane. By default, this integration is automatically enabled within Microsoft Outlook upon that installation. Eine automatische PDF-Preview in Outlook ist praktisch, funktioniert aber nur, wenn in Outlook das richtige Add-In vorhanden. Gmail Tips, The Complete Collection